Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some birthday pics

Gotta show off the birthday boy and post pics of the Thomas cake I made. Now, you CAN look at the Thomas cake, just don't look at the face.


Kyan on his real birthday with the "throw together" cake.

The Thomas cake.
Kyan and the Thomas cake. Love the facial expression!
Thomas cake from another angle.
Thomas cake and the "extra" cake. I had too much sheet cake and tons of leftover colored frosting, so I used it up by making the second cake! Yeah, too much cake in my house now...
Boys playing at Kyan's party!

Kyan blowin out the candle on Thomas.

Kids all playing in the playroom during the party.

Kyan and Xavier.

Kyan and Alli.

This is all I'm going to post. There's more, but seriously, you can only look at so many of someone else's kid's birthday pictures. Kyan had a GREAT birthday - on the real day and on party day. An d that's all that matters.
Well, that and not having to do this for him again for another YEAR!!


sweetness14 said...

I would like a copy of that picture of the boys please. Xavier got a SpongeBob picture frame for Christmas and I would like to put a good picture of the boys in it. Thank you ahead of time :). Anywho, Xavier had a great time at Kyan's party.

C: aka astoria708 said...

That cake is amazing! You should see the wreck I made for Bit's birthday.

Tracey said...

That cake is INSANE. You are truly nuts. Looks good, but I know what it means to frost cut cakes... YOU ARE NUTS! :)

Happy birthday to your kiddo!