Monday, June 26, 2006

Long, busy weekend

You'll be happy to hear we're not under 10 ft of water. Actually by the time I got home that night it had receeded in most places. There are still many, many homes damaged, and the place we swim really got damaged, a friend of mine just emailed to tell me her basement is totaled and since her son's bedroom is down there all of his stuff is trashed too. She said her neighborhood flooded badly. More rain coming this week... I really would like some summer sun now, please and thank you!

Except for the time being, we have no place to swim.

But -- we had a nice time this weekend with my out-of-town relatives in for my little cousin's wedding. Still can't quite believe she's married! Wasn't she 12 just a minute ago?? I'm not a wedding crier, but this one got me. The minute my little cousin - the bride's 14 yr old sister - started up the aisle (and was she gorgeous!!) (all of my cousins were beautiful that day, as always) the tears started. And kept coming. I looked up and saw little Laura in her wedding dress looking just stunning, next to this handsome man (and I won't even mention the facial hair - haha) who she's marrying! Beside the glowing bride is her older sister, the lovely maid of honor who is on her own and all grown up, living in Alaska. When did she get to be such an independent grown up?? And Stephanie - is a MOMMY!! Wait - they're all too young for this! I'M too young for this! And then there's Charlie, looking for all the world like a beautiful young woman when I could swear she's my tiny tomboy cousin! Or she was just the other day. Look to my left and Megan is holding her daughter... and there's Shawn and his girlfriend who are all just way too grown up now... and next to me is my own handsome son. Who's becoming more of a young man every day (even with the rotten attitude). Eesh... who wouldn't shed a few tears? What a good looking, smart, fun, amazing group of "kids" they all are. And where on earth are all those little kids we used to chase around??

*Sigh* Anyway, the reception was fun, but about an hour into it my babysitter called and said Kyan was having teething pain and wouldn’t stop crying and where’s the Tylenol? Well, Kyan’s not teething right now, so that wasn’t it. Thing was, when I hired her, I told her he doesn’t like other people and he’s a crier and if she can’t handle that she shouldn’t take the job. So this phone call was not what I wanted to hear. I asked her if she wanted me to come get him and she said if I want. Well after that, of course I want! Good Lord!!! So I drive 20 mins to get home (missing the bride & groom’s first dance in the process) and find she’s walking him outside in the stroller, he’s not crying – he’s eating a cookie – and she’s on her cell phone!! All I could think was that she got a better offer. I don’t particularly care if she did or not, that looked bad and that’s that. I wasn’t planning on using her after Saturday for other reasons anyway, but this sealed it.

So I took Ky back to the reception with me and he had a ball dancing with all the pretty girls. The photographer even took a picture of him dancing with the beautiful bride. So in the end it worked out okay.

I brought the boys home early because they were tired and enough is enough. Besides, we had the breakfast to attend on Sunday, Jaben had his Cub Scout carwash/bake sale to go to, I had work, and we were all going to Cedar Point later with the extended family. The CP thing wasn’t the plan until Sunday morning when we realized everyone was going and we were the only ones who hadn’t planned to… so we manipulated some things and thought we’d give it a try.

I’m so glad we did! I’m not going to go into details because it’s more fun to live than to read about, but bottom line is we had such a great time we didn’t get home until midnight and were all dead tired the next day. Actually I’m still dragging a bit (it’s Tuesday now) but sometimes you’ve just got to go for the fun and deal with the consequences later.

It’s a pretty day today and I can’t wait to get done with work. I’m going to have to figure out when I can take a few days at a time off and have a bit of a break. I think we’re all about due for a rest.

PS I learned this morning that Kyan can now say puppy VERY clearly – and he can blow a kazoo like a champ! That was a fun discovery, let me tell ya!

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Jen said...

Although it breaks my heart I couldn't be there, I'm glad everyone else was there and the day turned out well.

I still can't believe Laura is married. When did I get this old?