Friday, June 02, 2006

After midnight...

It's after midnight and I can't sleep. I'm not sure of the exact cause but there are a few possibilities. Jaben had his first dress rehearsal tonight and it went wonderfully! All the kids knew their lines and it looked like things were great. I didn't sit thru most of it - it was a 4-hr rehearsal after all, but what I did see was excellent! They're going to do a fantastic job on Saturday.

However (there's always something) when I got there another child's mother told me Jaben had a nose bleed in the middle of the practice. He hasn't had one in a while so I hadn't even thought of it as a possibility. I'm not sure what brings them on, possibly the heat on the stage? I've no idea. My best bet is spring allergies. All I can think of to do is call the Dr tomorrow and see what we can do to prevent him having a nose bleed in the middle of the performance. I know the nose bleeds aren't dangerous, just inconvenient, especially in these circumstances. So we'll see what, if anything, Dr Chris can recommend. Without seeing him! We just don't have time for that!! Over-the-counter, please and thank you!

My house smells. We've been swimming a lot this week and there have been wet towels and bathing suits hanging in the bathroom for days. In this kind of heat and humidity, they don't dry well. Especially when you have to keep the bathroom door closed to keep curious little boys out of the toilet. So I'm going to have to do a ton of laundry tomorrow to avoid more than just a stink... mildew, anyone? I probably will need to hang a clothes line between the trees in the backyard to keep this from happening again. You would not believe how much a mildew smell can spread to the entire house and stink it up! Add on the faint stench of spoiled milk from a curious little boy who has decided it's fun to dump sippy cups and you've got one stinky abode. Ick... and I hate cleaning.

Ooh! Good news... I had a disappointing experience at Starbucks the other day (hard to believe, but true) so I went to their website and emailed them about it. I heard back today and they're sending me coupons to make it up to me! Yay for Starbucks!! It's not like a bad experience is going to keep me from going - far from it - but coupons is coupons and Starbucks is yummy! I think I have a frapuccino addiction.

Next weekend is the big camping trip. Jaben's 10th birthday is coming up (when did I get old enough to be the mother of a TEN YEAR OLD??) so I wanted to do something different. SO... we invited 3 of his friends to go camping next weekend. It's the week before his actual birthday because his best friend wouldn't have been able to go that weekend and Jaben really wanted him there. It's going to be me, 4-10 yr old boys, my mom (bless her), Kyan (yes, Kyan), my 14 yr old cousin who knows TONS about camping, and if we're lucky, my sister and her girlfriend. That will depend on work schedules, but I'm hopeful they can come. Two nights camping with all those kids is going to require some more grown ups. That's for sure!! Oh please let them be able to come!! I realize I'm insane for trying to do this, but the kids will have fun and I'll have the following week at work to recover. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I think I've rambled quite enough for one night. Plus, I've got a ton of stuff to do tomorrow and I'm going to be tired! 'Night!!

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Jen said...

You're right. You're insane. Good luck with that. Crazy mama. :)

And good luck to Jaben on the play tonight....let me know how it goes.