Thursday, September 20, 2007

Um... ow!

One thing about having boys... those external boy parts and their sensitivity.

Ky likes to run around bare bottom after his bath at night, which is no biggie because he uses the potty a lot better that way. Last night he was doing that when all of a sudden he let out this horrible scream, started crying and dancing around the middle of the room holding "himself." We later figured out how he'd hit "it", but at the moment all I could do was pick him up and hug him. When Jaben figured out what’d happened, the kid went pale… he says that’s the worst pain there is. I’ll have to take his word for it.

So anyway, I’m sitting on the chair hugging him, rubbing his back and kissing his cheeks – cuz really, what else could I do – when Kyan, so tearfully pathetic says, “Mommy, kiss it!”

And I am such a good mommy – I laughed. Yes, that’s right, my baby hit his weewee for the first time hard, and mommy laughed. I so rock. I told him Mommy couldn’t kiss his weewee, but that it would feel better soon anyway. But then he decided he needed a Spongebob bandaid. Cuz you know, bandaids solve everything. And in my infinite wisdom, I put one on. It’s not ON the weewee, it’s above it, on the flat soft part, but still a rather sensitive area. That sucker is going to stay on there until it falls off in the bath tonight cuz NO WAY am I pulling it off!! Ow ow ow!! Course the bandaid was bugging him this morning, but there wasn’t anything I could or would do. It’s staying there. He’ll just have to have a soapy bath tonight.

I told the babysitter about it this morning so she’d know why there is a bandaid on his weewee, and she said what I thought… “I hope he doesn’t have a messy poop in there today.” LOL! Let’s hope for a good potty day!

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