Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Let’s move it!

Heh. I'm not antsy or anything, am I?

Upcoming events regarding the house…

Sept 28 (maybe) and 29 (for sure) will be a garage sale and painting party. Those who know where it’s located are VERY invited to come take some of the garage sale items off our hands, and of COURSE to come help paint the inside! I know, the outside needs a ton of work as well, but that will come. Right now we’re more concerned with making the inside nice. We say “livable” but it’s going to be NICE. So – if you’ve got no plans the 29th, grab your painting supplies and a potluck dish and come help us finish our new house! We’re all so very ready to move!

In the news with the boys, Jaben is applying for student council this year! It’s not an elected position at their school, they must fill out and application and, accompanied by 2 teacher recommendations, turn it in to the student council advisor who then chooses who represents their class. It’d be so good for Jaben to get this! If he gets on, he’s considering running for class president as well – which IS an elected position – but let’s take this one step at a time and hope he makes student council first.

As for Kyan – gosh, he’s getting so smart. Yesterday he was being a typical 2-yr old and making me crazy. This morning he saw me making my lunch and said, about the sandwich, “Dat por meeee?” (Is that for me?) Well… who could turn that down? So I got him a little paper plate, cut the sandwich into 4’s, and he had a bit of ham sandwich for breakfast. Heh. I think he wanted to be with me, because he actually sat at the kitchen table with it and talked to me while I made a new lunch. THEN… when I was tying my shoes to get ready to go, he started telling me the process of shoe tying… “cwoss dat dere…. Good job mommy! Den, go awound da twee….” Just too darn cute. He must’ve picked that up at the babysitters… she said she’s always teaching someone to tie their shoes!

So yeah, the boys are doing well. Jabe’s as anxious to move as the rest of us, but he’s doing well. We’re all just stressing about getting it all done, getting moved, then the task of getting the current house ready for sale and actually SELLING it. We won’t be doing much before putting it on the market… cleaning carpets, painting the whole place just plain white and probably replacing a window or 2, but that’s IT. Take it as it is… it’s not going for much, but we should at LEAST break even. Can’t ask for more than that, eh? Just pray it all gets done soon so we can move on to that phase of the process. I’m just so very ready to be settled and get that house ready to go. I know the market is crap, but I really do hope someone will take it. Can’t stress about that right now… too many other things to stress about!!

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Jen said...

Okay, I'll come to the yard sale, but I'm not painting! ;)