Sunday, September 23, 2007

That's done but it wasn't easy

I've re-added the blogroll.

It's not as full as it was because I've had to remove some people. Mainly due to blog overload. There seems to be a problem with bloggers just adding too much stuff to their blogs... you know, posting awards in the sidebar, animations and ADS. I've got nothing against these things, for the most part.

But there are at least 3 blogs I love that I can't even really access anymore because their ads, animations, awards, or photos take too long to load or are too big and either take entirely too long for the time I've got or simply freeze up my computer. I know blogher is extremely popular, but if you've got blogher ads on your site, I'm probably not going to be visiting anymore. The blogher ads are some of the worst for causing load problems for me and no matter how much I love your blog, I just don't have time for that. Sorry, I'll miss you, let me know if you're able to reduce some of what they've done to you, but for the time being I won't be visiting. Which sucks.

I'm still working on the whole customization thing myself (and wow this new set up on blogger makes it MUCH easier than the old one - if I'd known this I'd have updated my template much sooner! Even if it DID delete my blogroll it's totally worth it!) but if you don't know what you're doing, if you don't understand size and load times, please please please limit yourself on what you add. There are a couple of other blogs I went ahead and listed that I may not be able to check much longer because they're simply getting too big. I keep thinking of that whole organization thing... one in, one out. If you're adding something new, please remove something old. That will keep things running more smoothly, keep your load times down, and allow more people to access your blog. If you're not sure this applies to you or you think it might, it probably does. Removing one or 2 older things definitely makes a difference and might make it easier for more people to visit you. Just a thought, I'd hate to have to remove anyone else. I'm bumming about the ones that had to go because geez my blogroll is small now!

It couldn't be helped. I'd like to add more and I'll probably be searching for more imaginary friends soon, but for now it has to be what it is.

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DaniGirl said...

I think that was part of the relief of moving my blog to a hosted domain, that I could leave a lot of sidebar crap behind without feeling guilty about it. Apparently I'm a collector of clutter not only IRL but on the blog as well!

That's interesting that you have trouble with the BlogHer ads. If you ever have trouble with my site loading, please let me know. And, FWIW, that's why I read so many blogs through bloglines these days... all the words, none of the clutter! (For those that publish the full feed, anyway.)