Sunday, August 26, 2007

In the past week...

I have...

• had a birthday
• worked overtime
• gotten my biggest paycheck to date from my employer (due to the overtime)
• gone to Jaben's orchestra orientation
• found out Valley Beach is closed for the season (sob)
• chosen the flooring and paint color for our bathroom
• chosen the boys ceiling fans - Kyan's is SO CUTE!
• begun organizing my room for the move
• realized I need a lot more boxes to do the boys room
• bought the boys a GUINEA PIG

I need to upload the pics from my camera so I can fit more on it. Once I do that, I'll post a pic of Nibbles (our guinea pig). She is so cute and the boys just love her to pieces! We're still working on teaching Kyan to be gentle and careful with her, but he's doing okay. He loves having a pet he can pet and hold, and so does Jaben. We're now a 3 pet household - hard to believe for anyone who knows me. Ha! But they're "easy" pets... we have Bella the beta (our first pet), Retro the parakeet (#2, brought by Santa at Christmas), and now Nibbles the guinea pig. I should take quick pics of all 3 to post, but as I said, I've gotta unload my camera first. So... maybe another time!


1 comment:

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! lots happening and lots you got done! congrats on the big pay check! that is going to be so needed with your house!
Congrats on your 3rd pet! We have 3 too! ;)
I told the kids about Nibbles they said awwww...
Cant wait to see the house when you can move in and we can check it out!!!