Monday, December 18, 2006

Supastar... Part II

Jaben's play was yesterday and even tho I haven't uploaded the pics yet (I will later) I had to post because...


I don't sound like a proud mama at all, do I? As I'm sure most of you know, he played one of the Cratchit kids, Kris Cratchit, which is a pretty big part, but not huge. He did VERY well at this part, and he actually played that part on Saturday night as well for a child who was sick. He's very good at it... especially the part where the Cratchits are visiting Tiny Kim's grave during the Ghost of Christmas Future scene... he held his head down, put his hat over his heart and generally looked heartbroken. Very, very sad scene. Very well played by all the kids, actually.

BUT -- it was his scene as Bob Marley that killed!! You all know A Christmas Carol... you hear the scary, ghostly voice in the dark saying "Scroooooogeee.... Scroooooooge....." and then Jacob Marley appears to tell Scrooge of the ghosts who will be coming to visit him. However, in this version, after the disembodied voice says "Scroooooge...." the music turns to rasta music and out walks (or jives, really) Jaben wearing tie dye and a dreadlock wig! The crowd went NUTS!!

Scrooge: "Marley? Is that you?"
Bob: Yeah mon, it's me Marley!
Scrooge: Jacob Marley?
Bob: No mon, BOB Marley! Jam with me brudda!

Cue music for the Banana Boat song, Scrooge and Bob dance while Bob sings...

Now Jaben and Brandon (the INCREDIBLY talented boy playing Scrooge) play off each other very well, and the crowd response was so HUGE that they fed off that like you had to see to believe - thru all rehearsals and practice at home I have NEVER seen Jaben get SO into that part or do it SO WELL as he did yesterday. He was SO FUNNY and he did SO GOOD!!!! The audience were all laughing so hard -- I can't tell you how proud I am of him!

So they finish the song/dance to tons of applause and Jacob Marley comes out...

Jacob: Bob, what are you doing here? You're in the wrong play!
Bob: (smacks forehead) Oh mon... isn't this Rent?
Jacob: No, that's playing down the street at the (local theatre)
Bob: Ohhhhhh... sorry, mon, sorry...

Bob leaves the stage to the Banana Boat song, dancing and singing all the way off....

The other 2 boys had to WAIT for the crowd to stop laughing and applauding to continue the scene! I tell you - Jaben ROCKS!!!

And I must say, not only is Brandon (Scrooge) very talented, most of the kids who were in our cast are amazing. Really good at what they do - so it's GREAT and wonderful and so good for Jaben not only to do this, but hold his own and SHINE in a group of such talented kids. He'd had a really bad day at school on Friday (long story) and his self esteem really needed this - badly.

So now we want Jill to win this contest she's in, to get her dream - we really do. But boy we sure don't want to lose her as a drama teacher. This is the BEST thing Jaben has ever done... it's so good for him and his self-image issues. He's GOOD at it, he gets the applause he so badly needs, and is recognized for being really good at something. It's wonderful.

Oh... and Jaben's mom? Yeah, not only did she NOT throw up (haha) but she actually got INTO it and had fun too! I forgot what it's like to be on stage. AND I did hit the note I was worried about during my solo. Thank God. I was standing right next to Jill and there was only one other one line solo between hers and mine and boy is it INTIMIDATING to hear her sing like she does (she IS a professional!!) and then to have to take that same mic and sing out too. But I did it! Yay for me!

I've really got to get the pictures uploaded and see what came out. I took a bunch backstage beforehand, and had someone take some from the audience, during, so we should have a few that came out well. I hope. And I will post for all the world to see how amazing my son is! Betcha can't wait, huh???

So -- it's over. Wow, I hope he gets to do Beauty and the Beast.... but then I also hope Jill wins. Tough call....

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palmtreefanatic said...

The play was fabulous! but not as great as you and Jaben did! Wow and YOU have talent... (besides your work of course!) Im so glad i had the Bob marley hat it REALLY set it off perfectly...awesome!