Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wow what a week!

Okay so to continue...

Jaben is still in football. Barely. He had a BAD week at school (I mean really, who gets a phone call from one teacher AND a note from another on the SIXTH day of school???)so he's been on serious notice. He was hardcore grounded this weekend, which means no bike, no friends, no tv, no computer, no video games - in his room cleaning, cleaning around the house (hehe, I made him do the bathroom!!) and generally being my whipping boy. So I wasn't all that sure, adding on what was going on in school, that he could handle football and everything else. I figured if he didn't get to play today then we were done.

So of course he played today.

A lot.

So yay!!

Of course Coach Jackass was with the other half of the 5th grade team (playing a different team on a different field in a different city) and wasn't directly controlling who went in, and there were fewer boys because of the split, but dammit -he played. And he had fun.

Good. But boo.

Have I mentioned that I hate football?

For now, I've decided to let it ride. He's got a clean slate starting tomorrow (Monday) with both school and sports. I've been communicating with both teachers and we've got something worked out -- he's gotta do his part, but at least this way I can keep tabs on him, somewhat, while he's out of direct reach of me. If he works hard at everything, he's fine. If not, it's gonna suck to be him.

Also, we got a new fridge this weekend! Yay for cold milk and things that freeze and actually stay frozen! It's huge, we got a great deal on it, and I love it. Is being excited about a new appliance a sign that you're a grownup?


But oh it's so nice!!

Also, we had our first play practice this week for A Christmas Carol. I'm even more excited about this one because I get to be in it! It's going to be a LOT of fun! More on that another day...


Ray said...

Yay! I'm glad Jaben got to play. I was so upset after your last post, and I wrote a million-word-long responce to you about what a jack-ass that coach was (I played little league soccer and EVERYONE PLAYED, and the rules about EVERYONE PLAYING were so strict as to be almost absurd -- but, given your problems with Coach Jackass, clearly nessesarily) -- and then my computer froze up so I couldn't post it. I'm glad I don't feel the need to write it again, since your little guy got to play!

Ray said...

At my little league soccer team, parents cheering on the sideline couldn't even cheer for their kid by name, just one team or another (eg Go Orange!) -- so the kids whose parents couldn't come to any games wouldn't feel bad that they never got cheered for (my dad went to every game, running up and down the pitch with us, screaming "Go Blue!" or whatever).

Your Coach Jackass would have been fired within the blink of an eye for not letting all kids play.

Kimberly said...

Appliance envy is totally a sign of grownupness (yes, that's a word...because I said so!). I got very excited by my vacuum cleaner. Best Christmas prezzie ever. Unless I get a Roomba. And Ikea is my Build-A-Bear (although, Build-A-Bear is pretty wicked cool).
YAY fridge! And um, yay football?