Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We have been so busy lately. It's amazing how these things go... a week with nothing special, then a month of insanity, then a week of nothing. Of course about half the time I think we have a nothing week there's something I've forgotten.


ANyway... trick or treat is this week! Just me and Kyan again, I think. I dunno. He's going as Mario this year. I got him a Luigi costume too, which he wears to play in, but he wants Mario for trick or treat. I should find someone to go with us so it'll be more fun for him.

Jaben's gotten too big to trick or treat, so I don't know what he's going to do. We don't really get a lot of kids on our street, so maybe he'll go pass out candy with a friend? I can't really see him staying home, but maybe? Pretty sure he's wearing a costume for school, but don't know what.

Hopefully tho I'll have some good pics of Ky in his costume cuz it's adorable!!

Be safe all!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Kids are out of school today but I am at work! Um... posting to my blog.

So yeah.

I had Kyan at the ER last Sat night with a scary-high temperature. After 14 yrs I'm not a panicky mom, so trust me when I say this fever was BAD. They gave him a rapid strep test, which came back negative, and sent us home. He seemed fine Sunday so I thought nothing of it and sent him to school Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday evening, around 9:30pm the hospital called to tell me his "real" strep test was back from the lab and it was positive.

Oh. Oh no. I sent a kindergartner to school with strep for TWO DAYS! Oops. With an older kid I might not have stressed too much, but 5 yr olds are gross. They spit, snot, and drool all over the place and each other. So we probably just gave his entire kindergarten class strep. Yay.

He's on antibiotics now and is no longer contagious. He better not be - he's at a classmate's house for a play date today while school is out. Of course that boy has already been exposed, so it's too late anyway.

We're going to have a fun weekend anyway. Kyan's last soccer game is tomorrow morning, then we have a birthday party in the afternoon. Tomorrow evening, I'm going out with some girls for some much-needed fun. Haunted house, followed by some drinks - should be a LOT of fun! Sunday we're going to visit my best friend from when I was a kid, and her family. I haven't seen her in just over 15 yrs (can't believe it's been that long!) so it's going to be a really neat afternoon.

Little over 2.5 hrs left to go until the start of my crazy-busy-fun weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Toooo fulllll.

I am way too full of veggie lasagna. Yes, low-fat veggie lasagna! That was dinner last night and it was soooo good I had it for lunch again today. But oh my I feel full. I'm pretty sure I'm within decent limits (really need to get back on the calorie counting!) but I'm not liking this overly full feeling. I will say tho, I think it's due in part to my jeans being just a touch snug. They're generally fine, but after sitting in them for hours on end, they are feeling a bit restrictive. Ugh. In say, 2 weeks (?) they should be fully comfortable for an entire day. So I can live with it for now.

One thing about the increased veggies? How 'bout some TMI gas? Oh yeah, that's FUN! I'll be stopping at Walgreens after work for some GasX or similar. This? Isn't pretty. Good thing I have my own office!

Last night's exercise was a poorly executed attempt at kickboxing, followed by 10 mins of Latin dance after I gave up. I didn't work as long as I'd planned, but I did work hard and end up sweaty and glowing. I consider that a victory! And a lesson -- from now on I stick to the dance-style workouts. I really enjoy those and have a better chance of sticking to exercise I enjoy.

Onward and downward!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not enough sleep = too much food

Is it just me or does everyone eat more when they're overtired? Saturday night Kyan had an extremely high fever and had to go to the ER in the middle of the night. We were there for hours and subsequently didn't get much sleep. He's fine, btw.

But Sunday, we slept until 10:30, obviously didn't go to church (couldn't take a sick kid anyway) and spent the (warm, beautiful) day in the house. He was supposed to be resting, but since the Motrin finally brought his temp down and he was feeling better, he wanted to play. He was very, very sad he couldn't go outside, and I was tired, crabby, and overfed. It was not a pleasant way to spend the day. It ended well, with all 3 of us sprawled out on my bed watching the Simpsons, so it could've been worse, but it also could've been tons better.

One day of being derailed isn't anything to get too upset about. It's going to happen and I need to get my mind set that even when it does happen I'm not going to let it completely derail me. One bad day I can live with, a lifetime of bad days will kill me. So I guess I keep plugging along.

Tonight is Kyan's drama class at 4, then we're having veggie lasagna for dinner. It's a new recipe and I can't wait to try it! I'm pretty psyched! I love this whole foods/veggie rich way of eating! I'm hoping to go on a bike ride since this isn't church cleaning night, but if not I'll do some sort of workout -- Zumba, tai chi, or find another good aerobic work out. I need to check my OnDemand channels and see what I can do for free! IF the dog will let me. :-S

So, it's Monday, and while the weekend didn't go quite how I hoped, today is a new day starting a new week. Begin again!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Eatin' plants gives ya energy

Whoda thunk it? Eatin' plants gives ya energy! And boy is that important to me these days! I'm in terrible shape -- horrible. Well, unless you consider round. But that's "a" shape, not "in" shape. Which is what I want to be.

So I eat plants. And have started trying Zumba, and tai chi. I just grabbed some youtube videos and use those, but it still counts in that whole "eat less - move more" thing. So it's good. Plus, I can feel that my muscles have worked! Not sore, not pain, but worked. This is very, very good.

See, the past 2 years have been very rough and I've allowed myself to sort of give up on taking care of me. Eating too much crap, not exercising enough, letting how stressed I feel decide what I eat and how I behave rather than kicking stress in the teeth and fighting back. The time has come to FIGHT BACK! Because seriously, when your 5-yr old pats your belly and says, "Mommy, we have to get some weight off you," you have a problem.

But not for long! I'm reclaiming my former healthy, exercising, not-eating-everything-in-sight ways and will get back to myself sooner, rather than later. W00T!

And since it's been a while, gonna post pics of my boys. I can't believe how big Kyan is:

and how GROWN UP Jaben is. How did he get to be a high school freshman??

Those? Are 2 very good reasons to take better care of myself. I want to be around to drive them crazy for a very, very long time!