Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Toooo fulllll.

I am way too full of veggie lasagna. Yes, low-fat veggie lasagna! That was dinner last night and it was soooo good I had it for lunch again today. But oh my I feel full. I'm pretty sure I'm within decent limits (really need to get back on the calorie counting!) but I'm not liking this overly full feeling. I will say tho, I think it's due in part to my jeans being just a touch snug. They're generally fine, but after sitting in them for hours on end, they are feeling a bit restrictive. Ugh. In say, 2 weeks (?) they should be fully comfortable for an entire day. So I can live with it for now.

One thing about the increased veggies? How 'bout some TMI gas? Oh yeah, that's FUN! I'll be stopping at Walgreens after work for some GasX or similar. This? Isn't pretty. Good thing I have my own office!

Last night's exercise was a poorly executed attempt at kickboxing, followed by 10 mins of Latin dance after I gave up. I didn't work as long as I'd planned, but I did work hard and end up sweaty and glowing. I consider that a victory! And a lesson -- from now on I stick to the dance-style workouts. I really enjoy those and have a better chance of sticking to exercise I enjoy.

Onward and downward!

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