Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's quiet

It's after 9am on a Tuesday and both boys are still sleeping. I don't think Kyan's ever slept this late in his life and I even went in to check and make sure he was still breathing! I think the heat of the past few days got to him and he's just worn out. He was running around in the hot playroom last night and threw up. The heat is not his friend - he has such a delicate system to begin with that he just can't handle it. He and I went yesterday to buy an air conditioner for the living room window. It's not fabulous, but it makes the house livable. We're going today to buy one for my bedroom. Even tho the temp has dropped today, we're still going to need it.

I have been working on a few things. I've gotten my resume put up on Monster. I'm working on a second blog to showcase some of my portfolio, as well as my resume. That's going to have to be without the contact info - other than the email address. The site doesn't look too good yet - I had a block or something when I finally sat down to do it, but it will get better and I will link to it when I'm ready.

I also have an order form to redo for my aunt and uncle's business. I am hoping to get to that later today, so that I can get it to them for proofing and revisions.

I need to clean my house, go thru things on the back porch and in the garage for the sale in a couple of weeks. I need to organize my bedroom, Kyan's room, paperwork I haven't filed or even really touched in too long. I need to have breakfast.

Things are moving along, albeit slowly. It'll get there, and it's easier to be motivated today than it was yesterday. It's cooler today, the heat makes me drowsy. At least now tho, when it gets too hot again, Jaben's and my sunburns are healed enough that we'll be able to go swimming again.

Also, Jaben's play(s) was this weekend. My sister took pictures for me since my camera died. As soon as she gets them to me I will post some. He was amazing! It always blows me away to see him on stage -- he's gotten so comfortable and seems so natural you'd never know the amount of work that goes into each show. Wait until I post the pictures - he was a simply awesome Artful Dodger! 5 shows under his belt and he's signed up for #6 in December. WTG Jaben!

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