Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've been trying to keep Kyan occupied and let him have a little fun while we're home together. It's mostly just me and him since Jaben is so busy - he has a life outside of this house! (yay Jabe!) So yesterday we went to the library to get some books for both of us and a free DVD for Kyan. I can't tell you how excited I was to find Dumbo!

I haven't seen Dumbo since I was a little kid (Jaben says he's never seen it and I believe him - I don't remember ever watching it with him), so I didn't remember much about it, except that Dumbo is a flying elephant. The things I had forgotten! I loved the movie and so did Kyan, but I kept thinking that there is no way Disney would get away with this movie today. I'm pretty open minded, but even I was a little uncomfortable with the "grown up" elephants making fun of, and excluding Dumbo - who was just a baby, and the frequent use of the word "freak" to describe Dumbo... simply because he had big ears. So if that bothered me, I just can't see how it would get by today. Imagine the "Dumbo protests" there would be!

I had also completely forgotten about the scene in which Dumbo and the mouse get drunk (!) and see the pink elephants. Seriously... a baby elephant in a Disney movie getting drunk! It was funny. Probably somewhat inappropriate (especially since I had to find a way to explain to Kyan what was going on - the water made them silly), but funny nonetheless. And the elephants on parade sequence? So very, very cool. It's got some great classic Disney animation and is a bit psychadelic, which, I think, makes it unique. Check it out for yourself:

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