Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Needles to say…

Yeah, I saw that somewhere earlier today and it made me giggle so I had to share.

Okay, so the school is going to let the little punk get away with beating on my kid. Apparently so are the police. Not happy. When they finally spoke to the police, the mother told them that Jaben had hit them first – even tho nobody saw it – and chasing him up the road, knocking him down and kicking him and beating him was all in self defense. And the police in this amazing town seem to be stupid enough to believe it. And the school? Remember that zero tolerance policy? Um, yeah, that’s just for looks, I guess.

Interesting tho, turns out this isn’t the first time the police have been called on these children. A couple of months ago, they were throwing rocks at some other kids (little kids) who live up the street. Their mother came out and told the kids to leave, and they told her to fuck off. For real. So she said if they didn’t leave, she was going to call the police. They told her to fuck off again and that they could do what they wanted. So she called the police and they went to talk to the parents. Once the police left, the dad went down to this woman’s house and screamed at her that his kids could do whatever the fuck they wanted and she couldn’t stop them.

Yeah, they’re nuts.

Legal action (backed by at least 4 families on our street) pending. Not that the cop ever called me back – but that’s fine, I can get the police report without his help, and we’ll be getting a lawyer. Several families on the block would LOVE to take legal action against these nuts. Not sure what we can accomplish this way, but if the police won’t protect our children from these delinquents and their oh-so-proud parents, then we’ll do it ourselves.

Oh, and I AM enrolling Jaben in a martial arts class too. He’s excited – he’s wanted to do it for a while. Now I just have to find him a good school. And the hitting ban has been lifted. If he’s hit, he’s to hit back and make sure to inflict damage. Remember – we TRIED to do things the right way, but look where that gets ya. So… if he has to fight, then fight he will.

And they DAMN WELL better not try to suspend him.


Anonymous said...

That sounds totally fair. Don't hit first -- try to solve things other ways -- but if you are hit, DEFEND YOURSELF. I think, all in all, it's a good lesson.

Jaben will love martial arts! My cousin was a kid who was INCREDIBLY smart but got low grades and couldn't concentrate... and martial arts changed his life. He actually is living in China now, continuing his studies....

Kimberly said...

Don't tell ivillage I said this, but WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?????

Ok, so when Jaben says "he hit me" they say "no witness=didn't happen." But when these kids beat Jaben *in front of witnesses* and use the defense of "but you didn't see him hit me first!" Suddenly the burden of proof is changed?

Rebecca, please, DO NOT take this from the school. Go in and make some noise. Be THAT parent. Throw around threats like "superintendant" and "school board" and threaten legal action.