Monday, September 13, 2010

Prog rock = addicting!

Everyone's got that one band or two they love that most people haven't heard of, don't they? For me, it comes down to a few progressive musicians or bands that aren't very well known, but should be. Most people don't understand why prog is it's own genre, but if you do some googling, you should be able to figure that out pretty quickly! I just want to point out 2 of my favorites because I've been listening to them pretty much constantly recently.

First, the incomprable Kevin Gilbert. Go here to check him out. He is AMAZING! The world lost a musical genius when Kevin passed. My 14-yr old son loves him too and that makes me SO proud! I knew the kid had good taste... just like his mama! :-)

Today I'm listening to Spock's Beard. Also awesome. Still around, however with a different lead singer than they had when I first heard them. Check it out, totally worth it.

Now, I completely understand that neither of these may be your cup of tea, and that's cool. The world would be a colorless place if we all loved the same things. I just wanted to highlight the music that makes me happy.


Media Reviews said...

very cool your son digs Kevin! You live in Illinois? You may want to try and attend "Ethelfest" on Saturday October 2nd in Midlothian, ILL. "The Champions of the True" is going to perform the complete The Shaming of the True along 2 other tributes; Genesis and Jethro Tull.

I live in Minnesota have a busy schedule around that time. But I'd love to go myself. If not this time, hopefully another soon!

Rebecca said...

Wish I could see that! We live in Ohio tho and that would end up being a little more pricey than I could manage. Thanks for the info tho, I haven't followed prog in some time (although really getting back to it!) so I may need to do some checking around to see if there's anything coming to our area!