Thursday, July 03, 2008

Beth's bachelorette party - or - my cousins rock

am sooooo tired!! When you're 35, it's probably not the best plan to go out with a bunch of 25 an unders. But omg it was so much fun!!!! Sometimes it's just the BEST to be one of the DDs... I got such a kick out of watching everyone. ;-)

We had the limo for 8 hrs, and most of the girls were drinking the whole time. We had a scavenger hunt thing that our moms put together - things like getting a pic of the bride kissing a bald man on the head, getting a piggy back ride from a stranger, and having a random guy practice walking her down the isle. Tooooo funny!! We went to Hooters for dinner and the waitresses put Beth (the bride) up on a chair and made her do "I'm a little tea pot" - THAT was hysterical and we got many pictures of it. By the time we were done, some of the girls were very much trashed. My favorite cousin was sooo trashed, another cousin couldn't walk straight, and my sister had to be poured into the car to be driven home. I kept checking with her the whole way to make sure she wouldn't vomit in my car. THEN I remembered the child locks were on in the backseat! Panic - but her gf was in the front with me and swore that if Kel was going to blow she'd get the door for her in time. Fortunately that was unnecessary. Thank goodness, new car and all.

I had to get up at 8 this morning to take Jaben to his viola lesson, so I am wiped out today! I still have to make the "this way to the wedding" signs for the reception and start getting Jaben ready for camp next week, so no rest for the weary. Sleep is for the weak anyway, right?? I needed that night tho - we had such fun and really? My cousins rock!

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Miss Sweet said...

I'm glad that you had a blast - I did too!! It was so amazing. And I was surprisingly un-hungover the next day. You guys were amazing!!!!!!